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Lindsey wanted a retreat for her large family to gather in Utah. This 5 bedroom, 6 bath home was custom built by Cross Construction and designed by Architect, MoonView Design. The home reflects the warmth and elevated energy of its owners. With more than seven different wallcovering specifications and over forty hardware types, custom doesn’t explain the half of it! Our favorite project to date delivers a personalized family home for generations to enjoy.

NEW CONSTRUCTION | 3,274 sq ft sfh

Design for Lindsey W.

THE Before and after

From 1920’s Duplex To Family Retreat



the challenges

When planning to demolish an old home and build new, some issues are bound to arise. 

.01 On-boarded mid-project

This project was under full-construction when the builder, Cross Construction, reached out to us for help. 

Alex Cross needed to order materials for interior finishes, but didn’t have the details to know the quantities, trim pieces or patterns to install.

The interior design was not fully developed and the current team was not able to provide the level of detail he needed.

In the end, we built out a robust plan set, expanding the detailed elevations from 6 to 31 (yes, quadrupled!), delivering the homeowner a buildable retreat.

.02 Out-Of-State Homeowner

Since this is a second home, the owners lived out of state. When the design was incomplete, it wasn’t as simple for the general contractor to fill in the gaps and present options to the owner.

As a builder, they were not set up to provide this service remotely, after all, they are the actual “boots on the ground.”

Through systems already in place from working on out-of-state projects, we streamlined communication and delivered a high touch experience to the client despite the distance.

Building for the first time can be stressful. However, for any build, there are critical points along the way that can expose weak links.


Creating the Transformation

Our clients wanted to transform what used to be an outdated 1920’s duplex into a centrally located family vacation home. Because the existing property was a multi-family home designed as an income property, the solution became teardown and rebuild. 

Coming onto the project mid-stream, we had to zoom out, get to know the client, untangle previous specifications and focus to catch up with the build schedule. Despite being unpopular, we advocated the project slow to a walk for us to jump in and prepare for the sprint.

Bringing this eclectic, wallpaper-loving, color-centric design to life, we were in heaven during the process.

Design Concept

Taking our furniture-first approach to design, we ran through thorough programming sessions to understand how the family was going to use the home. 
We realized the door hardware had not been specified and quickly burned through 20 specifications of door knobs, levers and latches. Requirements included specifics to accommodate a Dutch door, egg-shaped knobs and levers, and exterior doors with key pads.
Either detailed millwork, wall paper, or tile design is present in almost every room. To clarify details and set expectations, this resulted in a large quantity of elevations.

The Blueprints

Despite the dream team of Stuart Design Co and Cross Construction in play, there’s always a story! 
Two main challenges popped up during construction; the first the fireplace specifications and the second the main family room size. 
The fireplaces specified were gas, which have smaller footprints. The homeowner wanted to switch to wood-burning. After much consideration, we ultimately had to stick with gas due to the truss layout and overall projection being too deep into the family room.
Second was the late change to swap the dining and family room areas in the great room. After a job walk near the end of the project, the client realized the dining area would not accommodate their large family gatherings. Better late than never! We were able to work through some lighting changes to swap the dining chandelier to the great room. 

The Build

 “All the things in all the rooms” quickly emerged as our design concept. Our client’s mutual love of color, wallpaper, and decorative hardware evolved into an eclectic design scheme.

Our goal was to fulfill the desire for a high-quality, lively space for out-of-state family to gather and vacation. With three adult children with growing families and the two youngest in high school we had many generations to take into consideration. 


A Home for Generations to Enjoy

Turning this urban infill project from a 1920's duplex to a family retreat was a huge success. Demo and construction began with a vision and dream. Stuart Design Co was onboarded mid-project and supported the Utah build from our remote offices in Arizona. The weight was lifted and the owner and her family were relieved of the decision fatigue that often accompany the finish selection phase of homebuilding. Partnering to create the spirit of a family vacation and gathering hub for generations to come is why we do what we do.

“Thank you again for all the help! You were invaluable!

Just wish I would have had you in the architectural stages. Next house! I will come find you! Thanks again…"

- Lindsey W.

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