You're ready to build a new home and want to enjoy the process instead of being overwhelmed.

Meet our Principal Designer

Stephanie Stuart

As principal designer at Stuart Design Co, I've worked to build a reputation of creating timeless, eclectic spaces. I am passionate about creating personal, colorful environments for busy professionals that show your true colors. We are well-versed in past and present styles and trends through travel and research. Keeping your wellness in mind to ensure our design is focused on your personal style and a reflection of your life-experience. Behind the design we help you manage the bottom line and human aspects to unearth your soul through the art of interior design.

We’re here to liberate you from boring paint colors, bland design, and the general play-it-safe approach to interior design.

We’ll take those ideas you “could never pull off”, and use our knowledge of interior design to execute them flawlessly - leaving you with a space that finally feels like you and leaves a distinguishable impression on everyone who steps into your home.

We want to help you finally craft a vibe that fits your life.

Giving back is part of what we do.

We've partnered with Rooms of Hope to create dream room makeovers for children with life-threatening illnesses.

We are proud to design safe, happy bedrooms for children who are living through the unthinkable as part of our commitment to giving back.

Things you should know about us...

We love a good wallpaper.

We believe there's a modern victorian in everyone.

We want all the things in all the places.

If it feels wrong, it's probably right. 

A naughty tavern vibe can change your life.

It’s not that we hate neutrals, we just LOVE color.

Are you ready to finally live in a space that feels authentically like you?

Let us show you how we create transformational spaces for our clients that let them live their most authentic life.

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