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Creating the Transformation

Our clients wanted to transform what used to be an outdated 1920’s duplex into a centrally located family vacation home. Because the existing property was a multi-family home designed as an income property, the solution became teardown and rebuild. 

Coming onto the project mid-stream, we had to zoom out, get to know the client, untangle previous specifications and focus to catch up with the build schedule. Despite being unpopular, we advocated the project slow to a walk for us to jump in and prepare for the sprint.

Bringing this eclectic, wallpaper-loving, color-centric design to life, we were in heaven during the process.

Allison painted her front room green when she moved in and instantly hated it. She came to me after 10 years of feeling frustrated each time she walked in the door. We instantly transformed the entry with light walls and brighter fabric options. Allison loves the room so much she now uses it regularly to work from home and for entertaining.

Washington D.C.

Family Room for Allison V.